Eureka 2009

Miatas At Eureka Springs Event,
June 12-14, 2009
    HI Zoomers!

    We had a great time in Eureka Springs.
    Four cars met at Village Inn in Springfield, and left about 10:30 am.
    They took the scenic route, and got cought up in rain, so they bee lined it to the hotel, and got there about 3:30 pm.
    Two more cars went down on there own and met us there.
    I left at around 2:30 from work, and got there about 4:30. No rain, and it was a great drive.
    There were about 120 cars total, from 23 clubs in 13 states, and 7 were from our club.
    They had 4 different runs you could go on.
    One to War Eagle Mill, another to a bridge & dam, and one going east, and west.
    All were great and lasted about 2 hours.


cake at the banquet

7 cars from our club

cars on the road

getting ready to go a run

the banquet

some cars at the banquet

cars at the hotel

leaving on the east run

traffic control