BBQ 2009

Annual BBQ at Janice & Lonnie's Place
June 11, 2009

    Hi Zoomer's
         The BBQ in July was a blast. We had 6 cars, and there was plenty of food and drinks for all. We dicused moving the meeting each mouth to a differant location in Southwest Mo. So if you would like to host one by finding a meeting place and small run like 50-75 miles let me know.

         The trip to Hermman was great! We started out by gettting two new members! They drove part of the way to Hermman with us, then and headed home. We stopped for lunch at the Stonehilll Winery. Rich and Mary headed home as the rest went to the B&B for the night. Once settled in, we hit a couple more wineries. On the way home the next day stopped at Swiss Meats. Was great top down weather.

         The meeting on 8 Aug was fun. Steve and Roset could join us but they provided a nice place to eat, "The Willions". We had a nice little run with come great curves. There were 3 cars.

         We would like to have our next meeting some where other than Springfield so we can get more members involved. Our membership has dropped from 19 to 12. Even if you don't want to be a menber, you can still join us for the runs and have some fun. You may change your mind
    Anybody want to set it up?


6 cars at BBQ

All lined up!

Doing what we like, Eating!

Castle at
HaHa Tonka State Park